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Case Study "Meine Hebamme Jasmin"

Strengthening the digital presence of Meine Hebamme Jasmin with customized solutions by Vivantic

Jasmin Rathjen, a self-employed midwife, was looking for efficient digital solutions to market her services and reach her target group. She wanted her own website that she could manage herself, which should include a booking system, be visually appealing and also ensure legal security.

In late summer 2021 we became part of her project and developed a website that was both aesthetically pleasing and functional. At the beginning, a corporate design was created in close consultation with Jasmin and a first design draft for the website was conceived.


The website was successfully launched in December 2021 and has been continuously optimized since then, especially in terms of SEO and user-friendliness.


Jasmin highlights the importance of independence:
"Primarily because they have enabled me to work autonomously on this site even after its establishment, without being reliant on assistance for every small detail.""

Moodboard von Meine Hebamme Jasmin
Webseite von Meine Hebamme Jasmin in der Desktop Variante

Expansion of the range of services: social media

In the summer of 2022, the collaboration was expanded to include social media marketing.

We were commissioned to present her services on Instagram and Facebook and to provide medical education. In close cooperation with the midwife, we have developed a holistic strategy.

Jasmin praised Vivantic's individual approach:
"At the beginning of the collaboration, the two took the time to find out where I wanted to take my company in a detailed meeting". So they had the chance to get an in-depth insight into my work."

Instagram Social Media Präsenz von Meine Hebamme Jasmin auf einem Smartphone
Social Media Präsenz von Meine Hebamme Jasmin auf einem Smartphone

Results and impact

The close cooperation with Vivantic led to significant improvements in the midwife's digital presence and process efficiency. A possible increase in performance can be seen in the traffic. Comparing Jan-May 2022 to Jan-May 2023, there was a remarkable 43% increase in website traffic.


A key aspect of this positive development was the implementation of a digital booking system on the website. The midwife emphasizes the resulting increase in efficiency: "Thanks to the website, all bookings are now digital, smooth and uncomplicated."

This is a significant advantage, as she was able to minimize her administrative work as a sole proprietor and concentrate on her core competencies. 


The website was well received by customers and helped increase potential customers confidence in the midwife's services. Thanks to the improved online presence, the midwife was also able to increase the number of bookings. In 2022 alone, 179 course bookings were made via the website. In 2023, the website was able to generate over 12% more bookings compared to the same period last year. (05/2023)


The cooperation between the agency and the midwife also led to a significant increase in visibility and reach in social media. Over 500 stories produced and more than 35 image contributions since the start of the collaboration have increased the reach by 2,800%. In addition, profile views increased by 182% and followers by 2,000%. (05/2023)


This case study underscores the strength of our customer-centric and flexible approach. By providing individual and tailor-made solutions, we were able to achieve sustainable results, which are reflected in the strengthening of the digital presence and the increase in the efficiency of our client's business processes.


The customer particularly emphasized the constant readiness for optimization and the openness to feedback. It shows that our team not only has professional competence, but also cultivates a trusting and constructive cooperation.


The positive results of this collaboration are a testament to the effectiveness of our digital marketing strategies and solutions. With the right combination of expertise, flexibility and customer focus, we were able to help Jasmin advance her business and significantly strengthen her online presence.

Closing remarks from Jasmine

"In any case, Chris and Leon are extremely open to criticism and open to any change requests that I have. The general expertise in terms of social media marketing is definitely there and Leon in particular never tires of turning all the screws to make the collaboration more effective and to make it more time-saving for me as a customer."

Written testimonial by Jasmin Rathjen

“My journey with Vivantic started in late summer 2021 with the desire to have my own website for my work as a self-employed midwife. As a one-woman company and "start-up", in addition to good conditions and a modern and young design, cooperation on an equal footing was important to me. I became aware of Chris and Leon through the start-up box at Jade University, which supports its students in founding their own company. They prevailed against two well-established advertising agencies in the city. Mainly because they enabled me to work on it independently even after the site was established, without having to rely on help for every little detail.


In December 2021, my website including the booking system went online and has been running smoothly ever since. Vivantic has made small optimizations in terms of SEO or user-friendliness over time. It was also important to the boys that the platform was legally secure. Research has been carried out for more specific questions. The analytics were also evaluated regularly to identify opportunities for improvement.


In the summer of 2022, we expanded our collaboration to include social media. I hired Vivantic in the field of social media marketing to present my services on Instagram and Facebook and to provide medical education.


At the beginning of the collaboration, the two took the time to find out where "I would like to take my company" in an extensive meeting. This gave them the chance to get an in-depth insight into my work. I really liked the creation of an individual design for the feed that fits well with my website.


We have been working together in this area for almost 9 months now. Since my work as a midwife is very specific and requires medical expertise and I have high visual and professional standards for my contributions, the collaboration is still in the process of growth and optimization so that the end product and the hoped-for goals can be achieved. In any case, Chris and Leon, who I've been working with exclusively for the past few months, are extremely open to criticism and any change requests I may have. The general expertise in terms of social media marketing is definitely present and Leon in particular never tires of constantly adjusting all the settings to make the collaboration more effective and time-saving for me as a customer."

Kostenloses Beratungsgespräch
Image by Marjan Blan

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